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REVIEW: Skyfall

REVIEW: Skyfall

Oh yeah- baby- this is  the 007 we know and love. It’s the guns-babes-bawdy Bond .   The Bond girls play a much bigger  role than in the last 50 years. They’re not just arm candy  this time around. Much of the story revolves around M (the  wonderful  Dame Judi Dench)  who is the target of  a  cyberterrorist  (the exquisitely darkly funny , immaculately retro-dressed Javier Bardem, who is  just as bad-haired as he was in  his  Oscar winning villain role in  “No Country For Old Men” . Bardem ws born to play bad).  007 just may have match his match in a fellow agent , played by Naomie Harris.

It takes a while for us to learn why the movie is titled  “Skyfall”.  Adele, by the way, does a great turn in her Bond song debut. And  this  time around,  we get a very human side of this secret agent.

It’s non-stop action , right from the start with an edge-of-your seat chase, even before the credits role.   This  23rd Bond film is a fresh, modern  update of the 50 year old franchise. Even at close to 2-and-a-half hours, it never feels like it overstays its welcome.  It’s pure Bond Bliss from start to finish.

4 stars


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