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REVIEW: The Big Wedding

REVIEW: The Big Wedding

The first hint this one’s a stinker:  I was invited to one screening,  on a Thursday night, more than 4 hours AFTER this movie review was due!!

There’s uber star power: Oscar winners Robert DeNiro; Susan Sarandon; Diane Keaton and Robin Williams , along with Amanda Seyfried , Katherine Heigl and “That 70’s Show” alumn Topher Grace.  But the plot is beyond believable.  It’s as formulaic as they come.

A dysfucntioal family gathers for the wedding of the youngest-of-three, a son adopted from Columbia. Seyfried reprises her exuberant bride from “Mama Mia”. The groom’s biological, very religious mom  is on the way to the wedding and since she believes you’re going to hell if you divorce,  our groom lies that his parents (De Niro and Keaton) are still happily married though he now lives with her ex-best friend, Sarandon. Let me mention the first time we see Keaton, De Niro and Sarandon,  Keaton  uses a key to let herself into the house only to walk in on her ex-hubby about to give oral sex to her ex-best friend on a kitchen counter.

Robin Williams  is wasted as a recovering alcoholic  Catholic Priest. How can you have Robin Williams  be unfunny???  All you gotta do is let the man riff! That’s how bad this movie is.

The only plus in this all-star-cast film: blessedly there’s only 90 minutes to survive.

 ½ star


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